What hair colour do I want?


Balayage, a freehand technique

Balayage is a freehand technique that we can use in many ways to create a soft faded look.
This colour technique allows us to achieve many types of lightness and contrast  which is why we cannot give exact prices without seeing your hair and what result you would like. This is a technique that is a great way of tailoring it to your hair but can become expensive with lighter or more advance styles.


Babylights, a soft and subtle hair colour

Babylights is the latest of looks that add these modern soft lights to the hair.
These are great as an introduction to colour, to refresh babylights closer to the roots or just face framing because multiple layers of hair colour can be added.

highight hair colour

Highlights, The classic sunkissed look

Highlights are a fantastic look for most types of hair.
The sunkissed look can be added to softly add tones and lightness to your hair meaning your hair will be enhanced whatever your natural hair colour is.
These are a great introduction to colour as they can be subtle so they aren’t to much of a commitment.


Toners, these help finish your hair colour

Once we have put the lightness into your hair we can then add toners to maximise the effect you are wanting.
Whether you are wanting icy coolness or warmer honeys then these will add that finishing touch.
These can be done as a colour refresher of highlights which have become dull.

All of these techniques can be mixed together to create your personal look. Things like Balayage on the underneath with Babylights on top or face framing can be a great look.
Sometimes multiple layers of lighteners my need to be applied before we can then tone to the final result. These will be maximum effect and contrast but will also be more work to achieve.

Other things to factor into the colour process is longevity or maintenance that you are prepared to commit to. Usually the lighter the hair the more maintenance as you will notice more contrast with your own hair as it grows.

More striking colours will also take more maintaining. These will fade due to washing, styling and sunlight. 

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