MG Hair Corona Virus safety and procedure.

Please be advised that during this pandemic MG Hair will be running the business in a different manner.

COVID-19 Salon Information MG Hair will be doing everything in its powers to limit the risks of spreading COVID-19 to its staff and guests. We will be constantly reviewing our procedures and taking guidance from the latest government information and recommendations. At the present time the salon will be operating as follows.

  • Most importantly. If you have any Covid-19 symptoms then please call the salon on 01509558752 to re-arrange your appointment.
  • If you have had a test and are waiting for results then please call 01509558752 to re-arrange you appointment for after you receive a negative test.
  • If you have to isolate then please call the salon on 01509558752 to re-arrange you appointment.
  • If you are unable to make your appointment then please call 01509558752 to cancel. Missed appointments may be charged if less than 48hr notice is given.
  • Please only enter the salon at your arranged appointment time. Only one person ( except for carers ) can enter the salon. Please do not bring friends or family members with you and please only bring the bare essentials with you.
  • A face covering from 19th July will not be legally enforceable in hair salons but we ask that you please wear a mask to protect your stylist and others in the salon. We would like to note that we cannot be responsible for the condition of the face mask during your service. We may get colour on straps etc. Due to this we recommend that you use a disposable mask.
  • If the reception area is looking busy with others that are paying then please could you wait outside until the reception area is cleared.
  • Please use the hand sanitiser that is on the wall to your right as you enter.
  • All guests that are having a service where the hair isn’t washed first ( These are Dry Cuts and any Colour Service ) should come to the hair salon with hair that has been washed that day, well brushed and ready for us to be able to start with only combs. We can only use brushes on clients that have had their hair washed in the salon so we cannot start by needing to brush your hair. After any Dry Cut, we will not be able to blow dry, use heated stylers or brushes on your hair.
  • Every client will have a comb specifically for them. Scissors would have been in the UV steriliser after the last client. You will have a disposable gown that is a one use item.
  • After your service the stylist will place their scissors into the UV sterilisers ready for the next client. All combs will be placed as always into the barbicide solution and not used again that day. The styling stations will be wiped down regularly with Barbicide Disinfectant. Brushes and stylers will only be used on hair that has been thoroughly washed.
  • No offers or discounts can be applied at the moment.
  • We then kindly ask you to leave the salon without loitering.

A few notes about how the salon may have changed since your last visit.

  • Your stylist will be wearing a mask to protect you and others in the salon.
  • Hot and Cold drinks are permitted for colour clients whilst the stylist isn’t present. 
  • Magazines, wireless charging points, use of any of our plugs etc will be not on offer. 
  • Toilets will be available but as a small staff force we will not be able to clean them directly after use. Please help us, if you use them then you are responsible for fully cleaning them with the provided disinfectant and any hand towels etc are properly disposed of in the bin. You must leave it as you found it. It’s the only way we can keep you and others safe.
  • If you wish to bring any drinks or magazines for your time in the salon then this is fine. All we ask is that you take everything you bring to the salon away with you.
  • No discounts, offers or vouchers will be valid in the salon until further notice.

With all of this, we really do want you to have the best experience possible. We want you to relax and get your hair done.

A copy of our Covid risk assessment can be found here.