MG Hair Corona Virus safety and procedure.

Please be advised that during this crisis MG Hair will be running the business in a different manner.

COVID-19 Salon Information MG Hair will be doing everything in its powers to limit the risks of spreading COVID-19 to its staff and guests. We will be constantly reviewing our procedures and taking guidance from the latest government information and recommendations. At the present time the salon will be operating as follows.

Basic rules and information.

  • Only enter the salon if you have a pre made appointment and only enter at the designated time.
  • Please use contactless payment where possible.
  • Please respond to any requests from staff as these may be given out to help keep you and staff as safe as possible.
  • No offers or discounts will be offered whilst the crisis amendments are in place.

Making an appointment. 

  • Please do not enter the salon to make an appointment. you will be turned away and asked to phone the salon.
  • We will not be offering appointment cards. If you make your next appointment whilst in the salon getting your hair done. Please bring your own diary or add to your phone if you want a note of your appointment.
  • Please be punctual for your appointment. We will be trying to limit the time and amount of people waiting in the salon.

Entering the salon.

  • From the 8th August 2020 the Government made the wearing of face coverings compulsary in hair salons. Your hairdresser will have to by law wear a type II face mask, glasses or visor. Please note that we may need you to hold the mask in place as we work in certain areas like the sides or ears. We cannot guarantee that a mask wont get marked or damaged. especially if it is a colour process. Due to this we recommend that you use a disposable mask.
  • Please only enter the salon if you have an appointment.
  • Please enter the salon at your allotted time only.
  • Please check that there is no one in front of the reception desk before entering. We kindly ask you to wait outside until the paying client has left.
  • We will have a marker on the floor that we ask you to stay on until seen too. This will be just inside the door 2 metres from the reception desk.
  • At the marker you will find hand sanitiser for your use.
  • You will then be asked to either take a seat in reception at an allocated seat or come through to the cloakroom area. We will have some seats not in use so social distancing can be adhered to. Please do not sit in any of these chairs.
  • You will be asked to hang your own coat up. A member of staff will not be able to do this for you.

Your hair service in the salon.

  • We will be doing everything within our power to maintain a 2 metre space between clients. This means that some of the chairs will be restricted from use. We ask you not to sit in this chairs as this will break the 2 metre rule.
  • It is obviously impossible for our staff to be able to do your hair and not maintain the 2 metre distancing.
  • Every client will be sat at a pre disinfected station.
  • Every client will get as we have always done a disinfected comb just for them. Scissors will be disinfected after every guest in the UV sterilisers.
  • Dry cuts will be exactly that. We will only be able to use combs and scissors to cut your hair. We will not be able to use any heated styling or brushes. Due to this please make sure your hair is adequately brushed and ready for us to cut your hair. If hair isn’t in an adequate state then we may not be able to cut your hair.
  • We also ask our Colour guests to come in with hair that has been washed that day and is ready for us to start. We please ask that the hair is brushed through so no knots are present. This allows us to keep utensils like brushes safe for when we are blowdrying.
  • Clients that have their hair washed in the salon will be able to have stylers and brushes used on their hair. This is due to the fact that the hair has now been sanitised by us in the salon.
  • No magazines, tea or coffee will be offered at the present time. you are welcome to bring your own but we ask that you take anything you bring to the salon away with you.
  • You are allowed to lower your mask whilst you are drinking in the salon. We kindly ask if possible that this be done whilst the stylist is more than 2 metres away from you. This will usually be when colours are developing. 

Payment and leaving the salon.

  • You will be guided back to the cloakroom area where you will be able to gather your coat and belongings.
  • You will then be guided to a mark at reception where payment can be made.
  • If possible we request that contactless payment be used. This is now £45 so will cover a lot of our services.
  • Please leave the salon when safe to do so whilst trying to maintain the  2 metre rule.

Problem areas within MG Hair.

  • Backwashes. Unfortunately, these are fixed items due to the manufacture and plumbing. We will do our best to stagger the washing of hair but due to sometimes the exactness of some colour processing we will have to remove the colour at specific times. This may mean 2 people sat at the backwash at the same time. If this is the case we will be asking you to not use the arm rests to help maintain the best distance that we can. Added note to this rule. We have installed a screen to separate clients and maintain their safety. The hairdresser will be wearing a visor to shield the client. Conversation will be kept to a minimum here due to the close proximity
  • Walking through the salon to stations or backwashes. We hope that we will be able to maintain the largest space possible but the limited space in the salon means we may be down to 1.5 metres social distancing. Added note to this rule. The government has relaxed the distancing rule to 1 metre +. This is a guidance that the 2 metre rule can be broken for limited time with due care. We feel that this is easily able to be implemented in the salon.
  • Cutting gowns. We only have a select amount of gowns at the moment. We are looking into alternatives like disposable gowns but unfortunately suppliers and wholesalers are closed so obtaining alternatives is impossible at present. Added note to this rule. Single use disposable gowns have now been sourced and will be used on every guest.


The salon disinfecting procedure.

  • The use of proper disinfecting solutions, mixed and used in the correct way.
  • All combs will be placed into correctly mixed Barbicide straight after use on a guest.
  • All guests will have a disinfected comb that will be stored away from the used combs.
  • All towels will be for one guest only. Once used it will be placed in the wash bin ready for sanitising at the end of the day.
  • After all cutting implements have been used then these will be sanitised and disinfected ready for the next guest.
  • Brushes and stylers will be cleaned, sanitised and disinfected at the end of every day. Brushes will only be used on hair that has been washed in the salon to make sure that they are kept safe.
  • After every guest has left the station will be sanitised and disinfected ready for the next guest.
  • Door handles, reception desk and reception chairs will be disinfected periodically.

Clients whilst in the salon.

  • Please obey any instructions a staff member may give you.
  • Please stay to the designate area that you have been instructed to. We cannot allow guests to walk around the salon during their visit.
  • We encourage guests not to use the bathroom. We do understand that this may be a necessity whilst visiting MG Hair. If you do use the bathroom then we please ask guests to wash hands thoroughly and leave the room sanitised and ready for anyone else to use.
  • Clients only in the salon. You will not be allowed friends, children etc to sit and wait in the salon whilst you are having a hair service. Children are allowed in to wait if having their hair done directly before or after the parent has had their hair service.

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