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1st of October 2018 12:18 PM Link
Just got the total from our sponsored walk we raised £551.38!!! We set a target of £500 so I’m over the moon. Still got the odd £10 to collect in so might even be a bit more yet. Thank you to everyone who donated money we really appreciated your kindness as I’m sure the moggies will do too.
If anyone still wants to kindly donate
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24th of September 2018 07:00 AM Link
Thank you to all my lovely clients who donated Money for my sponsored walk for Cats Protection, me and my family had such a laugh and the weather ended up being fantastic. We are still collecting the last pounds up so I will let you all know what the total is soon. Thanks again xx
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30th of August 2018 09:03 AM Link
We will be closed from Monday 3rd September until Tuesday 11th September for our summer holiday break.
We look forward to seeing you when we get back in the salon.
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20th of August 2018 08:30 AM Link
Your help is needed.
Amy will be doing a sponsored walk to raise money for the salons chosen charity. Amy will be doing a 9 mile walk as part of the cats protection nine lives trek.
She will be doing this on 23rd Sept with some others of her family at the Attenborough nature reserve.
Amy would appreciate any support that you could give to this charity
17th of August 2018 06:11 AM Link
This is why we invest in good quality products and keep up with latest colours and techniques.
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1st of August 2018 09:28 AM Link
Thought for the day
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25th of July 2018 04:16 PM Link
18th of July 2018 01:28 PM Link
MG Hair now has a couple of wireless charging points. We have also fitted a couple of USB plugs so if you're having a colour you can keep your phone topped up.
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21st of June 2018 09:39 AM Link
❤️❤️ MG Hair new addition ❤️❤️
The best salon deserves the best tools.
Your hair will now definitely be the best we can make it. #mghair #mghairdressers #supersonic
15th of June 2018 12:51 PM
Next friday, the 22nd of June we will be closing the salon at 1:30.
This is due to us needing to attend a funeral. Sorry in advance for the closure.

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