Why we wanted to be the best hairdressers in Loughborough.

So why did we want to become the best hairdressers in Loughborough?
Its simple really, I started to realise that there was a problem with hairdressers after working in several hair salons throughout the midlands. I realised that my previous bosses/managers where only concerned about themselves and the money they could make. These salons only cared about how they were perceived or how profitable they were and not what they could do for you.

I was expected to create clones of my guests, this is the hair style of the month or this is the product I want you to sell this week. Sometimes it was for the simple reason that it was excess stock or discontinued. It didn’t matter, they was making a profit for themselves.

Furthermore they didn’t seem to care that all the customers had different needs and expectations from their hair. I started to think to myself how can this be right? Surely this seemed to be against everything I was taught about hairdressing. All hairdressers are taught everyone has different face shapes, hair types, thickness of hair, hair growth patterns etc and therefore not every hairstyle can be created on or suit every customer. It started to seem that everything I want to be as a hairdresser was being taken away from me in the name of profit, surely this cant be right.

MG Hair Vision.

The idea to become the best hairdressers for you was therefore very simple. To put you the customer and the planet first and think about your needs and expectations. Everyone to us is an individual and therefore should be treated as that individual. MG Hair will help and advise you to create hairstyle that works for you. We will only advise on products that we believe will work for you. Whilst we do your hair we will work with you to show you how to create the look you want. This is how we came up with our company slogan.

Best Hairdressers in Loughborough

MG Hair salon vision for the planet.

 If you would like to read more about how MG hair would like to make this a better place for all then please read more about MG hair ethos and sustainability and hopefully you’ll support us in this.