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MG Hair ethos and sustainability.

Here at MG hair we are trying hard to be the best we can whilst supporting others around the world.

The here and now.

We have set out our own policies to try to maintain the environment and peoples standards of living for both now and in the fuuture.
Firstly MG Hair has made sure that all the drinks we serve in the salon are from Fair trade sources. This is because making sure people are paid a fair price for their produce is important to us. This includes teas, coffees and sugars.
Furthermore the soft drinks we have are squash cordials and these will be with no added sugar. We have done this so parents, diabetics etc can rest easy knowing that we are doing our best to look after our guests.

The future of our world.

Our latest project is to try to use as little single use plastic as possible. We have set out a goal of 3yrs to try to achieve this. Please bear with us on this as we need the rest of the world to catch up with us on this.
We are finding it very difficult to abide by this policy and our Health & safety obligations. We would fully appreciate any ones help and feed back if they know any sources that can supply us with the following items.
Protective gloves that we can use in the salon.
Client protection capes whilst colouring.
We would really prefer things to be compostable over recyclable as this guarantees we can dispose of items guilt free.
The items that are plastic that we cannot do anything about at the moment will be disposed of to be recycled.

We hope that you will support us in our fight for a better and healthier world for all in the future. We realise that this sometimes means we have to pass this extra cost on to you our guests, but the environment is something worth spending let little more on. I’m sure you’ll agree with.

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